PRIVATE LESSONS




When to start teaching kids?

It’s really important to begin at an early age because the younger kids are the more receptive they are to learning foreign languages.



You don’t live in a multicultural environment?

No problem! Even without living in a multicultural place your child can still become a bilingual or even a trilingual person. Our lessons are specially tailored for kids in order to help them achieve these objectives.

Our methods

The structure of language lessons for kids is different from the ones for adults. The lessons for children are based on two essential parts: a motivation and an informative part (up to this point just like for adults).

The main difference is in focusing more on creating and keeping up the motivation in regards to the interest specific to a particular age group. We, of course, with various techniques combine the motivation - and the informative parts respecting the needs and interests of every single child.

Is your intention to enroll your children in a special International or Bilingual School but they don’t have the appropriate basis for it?

  We are there for you!

 Our highly qualified tutors make sure that your children reach the language level specified by you in an optimal period of time.


1wayonlinelanguageschool offers customized and personalized lessons with native speaker tutors on a one-to-one basis via Skype.

     We offer complex language lessons focusing on communication by integrating all the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) that are essential for speaking a foreign language successfully.

We pay particular attention to enriching vocabulary and make sure that passive vocabulary becomes active by using expressions combined with the correct grammar in real life like situations.

In each case we respect your objectives of what and how your child should reach along with their own, individual wishes and needs.